About idol

Who are we?

idol is a pornographic video-stream website and launched in Taiwan,we own multiple agencies of MCN groups. The beginning of team only has six colleagues, now we own over 100 teammates who liked-minded and experienced, some of them directed and participated in hundreds of famous films and dramas, more than 10 teammates are from high-class AV production companies in Japen.

Company Vision

idol hopes we can let people from the whole world feel the charm of the several pornographic video-streaming industry by our faith of creative and positive. Mandarin is the most beautiful language in the world, no one even compares.There are a quarter of people speak Chinese in the earth. Sex is indispensable physiological needs to human beings, it is the basic of the expression of love and generation. In order to have the better way to share the charm of Mandarin and express the beauty of sexology, idol will redefine both of them to the excellent works!

Rejecting crude manufacture!
Rejecting advertising spamming!
Rejecting crude sexology!
Releasing reasonable human needs,redefine from idol!